Friday, February 26, 2010

Demonstrations in Nepal

NEPAL: On February 22d 2010, thousands of Nepalese monarchists poured into Kathmandu following the appeal of the Monarchist Parliamentary Party « Rastrya Prajatantra Party Nepal »(RPP-N). Demonstrators, boasting a popular petition that gathered about two million signatures demanding a constitutional referendum, occupied the centre of the Nepalese capital, almost paralyzing the city.

There were reportedly several incidents, although we don’t have precise information in that regard. But it seems, according to our sources, that the police forces arrested about half a thousand citizens. Among the people under arrest are to be found the leaders and representatives of the RPP-N.

In front of the magnitude of repression, the exiled sovereign, H.M Gyanedra met the Indian authorities who stated that they were highly concerned about the home affairs situation of Nepal. Less than two years after the Republic was proclaimed, Nepal seems to be on the verge of another Revolution, this time in favour of a return of Monarchy. This reversal of situation is taking place after a rapid social and economic deterioration of the country. This illustrating the incapacity of Maoist revolutionaries and their moderate republican allies to handle with the situation.

Since 09:00 a.m this morning, thousands of Rastrya Prajatantra Party Nepal (RPP-N) are pacifically blocking the accesses to Singha Durbar and before Padmodaya School Putalisadak, Anamnagar and Maithigar, demanding constitutional monarchy to be integrated to the new Constitution. During the demonstrations, executives of the RPP-N were wounded by the authorities and there were numerous arrests.

Source: The International Monarchist Conference