Monday, January 11, 2010

The Estonian Monarchist League

The Estonian Monarchist League is an Estonian cultural society founded as a non-party, non-government and non-profit association by Mr. Andres Linholm and supported by HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, Count Nikolai Tolstoy and Mr. Michael Wynne-Parker.

The goal of the League is to advance civilizing values by spreading the concept of Constitutional Monarchy and co-operation with similar Leagues and Associations in Europe and elsewhere. The aim of the League is to bring together those who espouse the ancient principles of monarchy in its several forms, to study its history and advocate its relevance in modern world. The activities of the League will not be a battle for the realization of our goals, since a battle relates to aggression, and to winners and losers. Our actions will be through the expression of our love towards Estonia, our traditions and history.